Time Will Tell by Kris Wott

New album release:  "Time Will Tell" is a nine song, all-original album by Ocean Beach singer-songwriter Kris Wott. It was produced by Kris and Michael Head at Cabeza Records studio in San Diego. Kris' personal songs blend folk, rock, blues and country all bathed in warm California sunshine. Featuring many top San Diego musicians it is an eclectic musical mix, yet sews an inspired, cohesive message of love, hope and unity. The album is indeed a musical journey through time, and his songs are inspired by his life: moving from Ohio to California, spending time with friends, living in Ocean Beach.

The country charm of the opening track "Enough is Enough" features inspired pedal steel and fiddle by uber multi-instrumentalist Ted Stern. He is a true musical asset to multiple songs on the album. In true musical-family fashion, the Wott brothers jump in with Frank Wott on stand-up bass and Andrew Wott on drums. The song starts mellow, "Wish You Were Here" style and then builds, finally exploding in a West Coast, by-the-bonfire hoedown. Kris and vocalist Alyssa May layer lush, alluring vocals and the lyrics are introspective but always hopeful.

Steve Tahmahkera lays solid, commanding drums on several songs including the lilting but funky "For the Rest of My Life," and the steadfast campfire beat on "Unemployed". His train beat on the title track "Time WIll Tell" is both mesmerizing and galvanic, while Kris reminds: "over my years, and notches in my belt, at the end of the day, you must answer to yourself." Both of the songs are odes to the beach life and the wisdom to make the best of everyday.

Other songs like the bluesy swagger of "That's Alright," the midwestern-boy ethos of "Ohio," and political satire of "Bullshit" feature deep and grooving bass by Cody Christian, and other-wordly, cosmic lead guitar transmissions from Michael Head. Local audio wizard and musician-extraordinaire Morgan McCrae is featured on many songs with lifting keyboards and churchly organ. Brandon Fetter brings his tight and enhancing backing vocals, and Ryan Shultz's tasteful hand drums are sprinkled throughout.

The album crescendos with the all-empowering "She Won't Be Controlled." It is a jam band delight, as the musicians pulls in and out for eachother, and breath as one - each part complimenting and informing the other. The song breaks down to drums and bass, then builds back up again and Kris implores: "She’s missin’ out on opportunities, consciously confused. Come on baby don’t you say a thing, she won’t be controlled!" It is a call for everyone to take control of themselves and their situations and to never put limits on your inner strength and belief. The theme of "Time Will Tell" reminds us we must always change and evolve, and this is the perfect musical soundtrack.


"Time Will Tell" is available here at Cabeza Records and streaming on most of the major music services.