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Technique above technology

Cabeza Records is a recording studio and record label that emphasizes the theme of community outreach and artist support. Started in the sands of Ocean Beach in 1989 (literally in a condo at Abbott St and Cape May Ave), we recorded bands with minimal gear for very nominal fees, sometimes even for free. We try to have an "analog mind" meets the wonders-of-digital mentality, giving both easy flow and execution of ideas. Studio rates are on a per song and ability to pay basis. We have over 20 years experience recording in San Diego. We allow artists to produce themselves with a trained engineer, or we can produce, arrange, create beats, and sound design the project as needed. Please contact us below and let us know how we can help you with your musical vision.

Make your music come to life

Large format analog meets the wonders of digital in this private "label" studio, run by long time San Diego musician and producer Michael Head. Amazingly competitive rates are on a by song basis and we have over 20 years experience recording in San Diego. Produce yourself with a trained owner/engineer or allow us to produce, arrange, create beats, and sound design your project.
Gear includes:
- 24 input Presonus digital mixer - This allows full no latency monitoring with beautiful lush effects (those one stop digital interfaces don't do this nor do they have the highest AD converter quality) and hands on mixing with digital meets analog convenience.
- "Big label" quality JBL studio monitors: hear yourself like you never have before.
- Outboard tube and Focusrite mic pres, DBX compression, EQ, Lexicon reverb
- Extensive mic collection and availability
- Instruments include: Fender, Supro, Vintage 30, Mesa guitar amps; Taylor, Yamaha acoustics; Gibson, Fender, Eastwood electrics. Fender and Charvel basses. Yamaha custom 6 piece drumset, w/ Tama custom snare and turkish cymbals.
- Presonus Studio One Professional Digital Audio Workstaion
- Wavelab digital editing CD burning and mastering suite
- PLUGINS include: WAVES Gold Bundle; Abbey Road Suite: saturation, plates, etc.
SSL G and E channels, master buss compressors, Plug-In Alliance, iZotope Neutrino
- Virtual instruments including Hammond, Fender Rhodes, NI Guitar Rig, Amplitube, and Yamaha DX and FM7. 

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