Dave Gilbert

doing the good work of music

An avid music lover, Dave Gilbert makes real music for real people. The Singer/Guitarist/Songwriter from San Diego CA. has been singing since his youth & playing guitar since 1969.  He has been performing locally since 1976 and is a member of several Southern California bands including the Dave Gilbert Band, Touchy Subjects, Barnyard Rockers, West Coast Iron Works, Rhythm Ranchers, Clairemonsters, as well as the duo Tim & Dave Show and also performs as a solo act. He has been a mainstay on the local music scene and a contributing member in over 45 bands including two different nationally televised programs with the late Mark Goffeney’s Big Toe band, regionally touring the southwest with Moonshine/Ruckus and in Los Angeles with Walking Wounded. He’s also fronted or co-fronted groups including Bent Member, YaBuTiFi’Da, ‘Merican Pie Hole, Jet Set, Nada Band, King of the World, Paravice, Steelwind, Neon Seville, Triple Threat, Tommy Drive, Kehl & the Ratners, Power House, Kilroy, Big Fins, Rockin’ Aces, KISS Mania, Noise Club, Zero Tolerance, The Main St. Exiles, Middle Finger, and the California Men.   
He has written close to 400 songs, including collaborations with some of San Diego’s top players and writers. He works steadily and enjoys performing his own material but also draws from a vast repertoire of some of the greatest hits and deep album cuts from the ‘50s, ‘60s, ‘70’s, ‘80’s, ‘90’s and 2000’s.  
You can hear his current as well as his vintage original material at soundcloud.com/dave-gilbert 
You can follow him for the latest music updates on facebook.com/DaveGilbertMusic